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*[[fwdsumatrapdf>SumatraPDF/fwdsumatrapdf]] &aname(fwdsumatrapdf); [#cd033ba4]

**VB 版 [#ke8d064a]


 >cd C:\w32tex\bin
 C:\w32tex\bin>vbc fwdsumatrapdf.vb

 ' vim: ts=4 sw=4 expandtab:
 ' >vbc fwdsumatrapdf.vb
 Option Compare Binary
 Option Explicit On
 Option Infer On
 Option Strict On
 Imports System
 Imports System.IO
 Imports System.Diagnostics
 Imports System.ComponentModel
 Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices
 Imports Microsoft.Win32
 Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic
 Namespace Ddeml
     Public Class Ddeml
         Public Class DdemlError
             Inherits Exception
             Public Sub New(e As String)
             End Sub
         End Class
         Public Delegate Function DdeCallback(uType As UInteger, uFmt As UInteger, hconv As IntPtr, hsz1 As IntPtr, hsz2 As IntPtr, hdata As IntPtr, dwData1 As UInteger, dwData2 As UInteger) As IntPtr
         Public Const APPCMD_CLIENTONLY As UInteger = &H10UI
         Public Const CP_WINUNICODE As Integer = 1200I
         Public Const CF_UNICODETEXT As UInteger = 13UI
         Public Const XCLASS_FLAGS As UInteger = &H4000UI
         Public Const XTYP_EXECUTE As UInteger = (&H0050UI Or XCLASS_FLAGS)
         <DllImport("user32.dll", EntryPoint:="DdeInitializeW", CharSet:=CharSet.Unicode)> _
         Public Shared Function DdeInitializeW(ByRef pidInst As UInteger, pfnCallback As DdeCallback, afCmd As UInteger, ulRes As UInteger) As UInteger
         End Function
         <DllImport("user32.dll", EntryPoint:="DdeUninitialize", CharSet:=CharSet.Unicode)> _
         Public Shared Function DdeUninitialize(idInst As UInteger) As Boolean
         End Function
         <DllImport("user32.dll", EntryPoint:="DdeCreateStringHandleW", CharSet:=CharSet.Unicode)> _
         Public Shared Function DdeCreateStringHandleW(idInst As UInteger, psz As String, iCodePage As Integer) As IntPtr
         End Function
         <DllImport("user32.dll", EntryPoint:="DdeFreeStringHandle", CharSet:=CharSet.Unicode)> _
         Public Shared Function DdeFreeStringHandle(idInst As UInteger, hsz As IntPtr) As Boolean
         End Function
         <DllImport("user32.dll", EntryPoint:="DdeCreateDataHandle", CharSet:=CharSet.Unicode)> _
         Public Shared Function DdeCreateDataHandle(idInst As UInteger, pSrc As String, cb As UInteger, cbOff As UInteger, hszItem As IntPtr, wFmt As UInteger, afCmd As UInteger) As IntPtr
         End Function
         <DllImport("user32.dll", EntryPoint:="DdeFreeDataHandle", CharSet:=CharSet.Unicode)> _
         Public Shared Function DdeFreeDataHandle(hData As IntPtr) As Boolean
         End Function
         <DllImport("user32.dll", EntryPoint:="DdeConnect", CharSet:=CharSet.Unicode)> _
         Public Shared Function DdeConnect(idInst As UInteger , hszServer As IntPtr, hszTopic As IntPtr, pCC As IntPtr) As IntPtr
         End Function
         <DllImport("user32.dll", EntryPoint:="DdeDisconnect", CharSet:=CharSet.Unicode)> _
         Public Shared Function DdeDisconnect(hConvList As IntPtr) As Boolean
         End Function
         <DllImport("user32.dll", EntryPoint:="DdeClientTransaction", CharSet:=CharSet.Unicode)> _
         Public Shared Function DdeClientTransaction(pData As IntPtr, cbData As UInteger, hConv As IntPtr, hszItem As IntPtr, wFmt As UInteger, wType As UInteger, dwTimeout As UInteger, pdwResult As IntPtr) As IntPtr
         End Function
     End Class
 End Namespace
 Namespace SumatraPDFClient
     Public Class ForwardSearch
         Private Const timeout As Integer = 10000I
         Private Shared Sub Usage(args As String())
             Dim s = "usage: " & Environment.GetCommandLineArgs()(0) & " pdffile texfile line"
             If args.Length = 3 Then
             End If
         End Sub
         Private Shared Sub RunSumatraPDF(pdf As String)
             If Process.GetProcessesByName("SumatraPDF").Length <> 0 Then
                 Dim ps = New Process()
                     Dim sumatrapdfRegistry = "SumatraPDF.exe"
                     Dim keyPath = "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\SumatraPDF.exe"
                     Using rKey = Registry.LocalMachine.OpenSubKey(keyPath)
                         sumatrapdfRegistry = rKey.GetValue(String.Empty).ToString()
                     End Using
                     If File.Exists(sumatrapdfRegistry) Then
                         ps.StartInfo.FileName = sumatrapdfRegistry
                         Throw New FileNotFoundException()
                     End If
                 Catch e As Exception
                     Dim sumatrapdfWin32Default = "C:\Program Files\SumatraPDF\SumatraPDF.exe"
                     Dim sumatrapdfWin64Default = "C:\Program Files (x86)\SumatraPDF\SumatraPDF.exe"
                     if File.Exists(sumatrapdfWin32Default) Then
                         ps.StartInfo.FileName = sumatrapdfWin32Default
                     Else If File.Exists(sumatrapdfWin64Default) Then
                         ps.StartInfo.FileName = sumatrapdfWin64Default
                         ps.StartInfo.FileName = Interaction.InputBox("Input the path to SumatraPDF.exe.", "fwdsumatrapdf", "SumatraPDF.exe")
                     End If
                 End Try
                 ps.StartInfo.Arguments = "-reuse-instance " & """" & pdf & """"
             End If
         End Sub
         Private Shared Sub DdeExecute(server As String, topic As String, executeCommand As String)
             Dim idInstance = 0UI
             Dim hszServer = IntPtr.Zero
             Dim hszTopic = IntPtr.Zero
             Dim hConvClient = IntPtr.Zero
             Dim hDdeData = IntPtr.Zero
             Dim hDdeTransactionData = IntPtr.Zero
                 Ddeml.Ddeml.DdeInitializeW(idInstance, Function(uType, uFmt, hconv, hsz1, hsz2, hdata, dwData1, dwData2) IntPtr.Zero, Ddeml.Ddeml.APPCMD_CLIENTONLY, 0UI)
                 If idInstance = 0UI Then Throw New Ddeml.Ddeml.DdemlError("DdeInitializeW error")
                 hszServer = Ddeml.Ddeml.DdeCreateStringHandleW(idInstance, server, Ddeml.Ddeml.CP_WINUNICODE)
                 If hszServer = IntPtr.Zero Then Throw New Ddeml.Ddeml.DdemlError("DdeCreateStringHandleW error")
                 hszTopic = Ddeml.Ddeml.DdeCreateStringHandleW(idInstance, topic, Ddeml.Ddeml.CP_WINUNICODE)
                 If hszTopic = IntPtr.Zero Then Throw New Ddeml.Ddeml.DdemlError("DdeCreateStringHandleW error")
                 hConvClient = Ddeml.Ddeml.DdeConnect(idInstance, hszServer, hszTopic, IntPtr.Zero)
                 If hConvClient = IntPtr.Zero Then Throw New Ddeml.Ddeml.DdemlError("DdeConnect error")
                 hDdeData = Ddeml.Ddeml.DdeCreateDataHandle(idInstance, executeCommand, CType((executeCommand.Length + 1)*Len(Char.MinValue), UInteger), 0UI, IntPtr.Zero, Ddeml.Ddeml.CF_UNICODETEXT, 0UI)
                 If hDdeData = IntPtr.Zero Then Throw New Ddeml.Ddeml.DdemlError("DdeCreateDataHandle error")
                 hDdeTransactionData = Ddeml.Ddeml.DdeClientTransaction(hDdeData, UInteger.MaxValue, hConvClient, IntPtr.Zero, 0UI, Ddeml.Ddeml.XTYP_EXECUTE, CType(timeout, UInteger), IntPtr.Zero)
                 If hDdeTransactionData = IntPtr.Zero Then Throw New Ddeml.Ddeml.DdemlError("DdeClientTransaction error")
                 If hDdeTransactionData <> IntPtr.Zero Then Ddeml.Ddeml.DdeFreeDataHandle(hDdeTransactionData)
                 If hDdeData <> IntPtr.Zero Then Ddeml.Ddeml.DdeFreeDataHandle(hDdeData)
                 If hszServer <> IntPtr.Zero Then Ddeml.Ddeml.DdeFreeStringHandle(idInstance, hszServer)
                 If hszTopic <> IntPtr.Zero Then Ddeml.Ddeml.DdeFreeStringHandle(idInstance, hszTopic)
                 If hConvClient <> IntPtr.Zero Then Ddeml.Ddeml.DdeDisconnect(hConvClient)
                 If idInstance <> 0UI Then Ddeml.Ddeml.DdeUninitialize(idInstance)
             End Try
         End Sub
         <STAThread> _
         Public Shared Sub Main(args As String())
             Dim pdf = args(0)
             Dim tex = args(1)
             Dim texLine = args(2)
                 Dim active = 0I
                 Dim forwardSearch = "[ForwardSearch(""" & pdf & """,""" & tex & """," & texLine & ",0,0," & active.ToString() & ")]"
                 DdeExecute("SUMATRA", "control", forwardSearch)
             Catch e As Win32Exception
             Catch e As InvalidOperationException
             Catch e As Exception
             End Try
         End Sub
     End Class
 End Namespace