llpp は MuPDF ベースの PDF ビューアです.

SyncTeX にも対応しています.



Usage: llpp [options] some.pdf
  -p <password>             Set password
  -f <path>                 Set path to the user interface font
  -c <path>                 Set path to the configuration file
  -last                     Open last document
  -page <page-number>       Jump to page
  -tcf <path>               Set path to the trim cache file
  -dest <named-destination> Set named destination
  -remote <path>            Set path to the source of remote commands
  -gc                       Collect config garbage
  -v                        Print version and exit
  -css <path>               Set path to the style sheet to use with EPUB/HTML
  -origin <origin>          <undocumented>
  -no-title                 ignore document title
  -layout-height <height>   layout height html/epub/etc (-1, 0, N)
  -help                     Display this list of options
  --help                    Display this list of options


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